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Our team is almost exclusively comprised of experienced engineers who are focused on developing antenna technologies over a decade. And we are committed to keeping it that way.

i5 is commercializing groundbreaking, patented hardware and software based antenna technology that makes wireless networks higher performing, more efficient, and easier to use.

We're building solutions designed to radically improve end user device performance while providing carriers, GSM Operators and ISPs with increased data revenue opportunities.

The Product - MRA

i5 communications designs and develops Multifunctional Reconfigurable Antenna (MRA) systems with their patented technologies. In house design and engineering expertise are consistently applied to develop new products that meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer. Finding solutions for unique needs or applications is our specialty and what truly sets i5 apart from the competition.

To meet the demands of an increasingly wireless world, and target the legacy performance problems of wireless communications, i5 developed smart antennas that are capable of dynamically adapting radiation pattern based on exiting wireless channel parameters by avoiding interference and poor signal strength. Markets served include IT, telecom, industrial & instrumentation, space, automotive/transportation, medical, mining, aviation, maritime and railroad.

A Beam-Steering Reconfigurable Antenna for WLAN Applications
Zhouyuan Li, Elsayed Ahmed, Ahmed M. Eltawil, Senior Member, IEEE, and Bedri A. Cetiner, Member, IEEE (CTO I5-Communications)
Abstract—A multifunctional reconfigurable antenna (MRA) capable of operating in nine modes corresponding to nine steerable beam directions in the semisphere space is presented. The MRA consists of an aperture-coupled driven patch antenna with a parasitic layer placed above it. The surface of the parasitic layer has a grid of 3 3electrically-small square-shaped metallic pixels. The adjacent pixels are connected by PIN diode switches with ON/OFF status to change the geometry of the parasitic surface, which in turn changes the current distribution on the antenna, thus provides reconfigurability in beam steering direction... Click here to read more

Advantages & Benefits of Using MRA

Significantly increasing the coverage and capacity of today's mobile networks.

→ i5 technology flips the traditional wireless network's power structure upside down – shifting network intelligence to the edge of the network – empowering the antenna to always use the fastest and most reliable path within the wireless networks. i5 technology not only benefits the end user but it dramatically expands network capacity for wireless carriers without the need for additional infrastructure. In fact, i5 technology works within all existing network types, allowing carriers to significantly enhance the value of their current infrastructure investments.

→ Dynamically changing antenna properties to adapt the winning parameters within the polluted wireless channels. Empowering the antenna to dynamically modifying frequency, radiation patterns and polarization parameters to send the signal to the desired wireless clients, and eliminate legacy issues ( interference & poor signal coverage ) of wireless networks.

→ i5 software continuously seeks to improve customers' connectivity and throughput speeds by monitoring the network environment and intelligently selecting the fastest path – either changing the radiation pattern, or eliminating the interference or changing the polarization or changing all the parameters. This allows each device to connect to the heart of coverage area, giving your customers the strongest connection available and minimizing cell edge interference.


Antenna design is very complex and can only be done with having the right development tools and experienced RF antenna design engineers. I5 Communications is one of very few companies that has advanced simulation software to quickly develop the highest performance RF antenna design for your application and to optimize and verify the performance of your integrated antenna in an anechoic chamber. I5 Research can provide any level of assistance for your antenna design including: simulation, antenna tuning and matching, co-located antennas, antenna enclosure integration, prototype development, antenna patterns and characterization, and antenna manufacturing. Let our RF antenna design engineers help you obtain the best performance for your product.

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